How to pay for queries into Axiom.

To cover the cost of fulfilling Axiom queries, each query has an associated fee which is collected only upon successful fulfillment.

On-chain per-query payments

The alpha release of Axiom offers on-chain payments on a per-query basis.

  • The query price is minQueryPrice in AxiomV1Query and is initially set to 0.01 ETH.

  • At least this amount must be sent together with your on-chain query in sendQuery, or your query will be rejected.

If query is not fulfilled within a number of blocks set by queryDeadlineInterval (currently 7200 blocks or ~24 hours), a refund can be processed to the refundAddress provided at time of query by calling the collectRefund function to retrieve the sent Ether.

Off-chain requests and payments

If you would like to make queries or make payments off-chain, contact us by filling out the contact form.

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