During your testing, there may be some issues that you may run into. We've captured the most commonly seen ones here and offer some solutions.

Submitting the same keccakQueryResponse

Each keccakQueryResponse submitted to AxiomQuery must be unique, therefore if you have already called sendQuery with one keccakQueryResponse, the transaction will fail if you try to submit the same keccakQueryResponse after the first. This means that your calls to the QueryBuilder append function must differ in at least one field by the time build is called.

Provider URIs

Ensure that the providerUri you are using matches the chainId. For example, on Ethereum Mainnet (chainId 1), Alchemy's providerUri looks like:

Whereas on Goerli (chainId 5), it looks like this:

Block Numbers

Block numbers on Goerli Testnet are significantly lower (~9 million) than those on Ethereum Mainnet (~17 million), so please ensure that you are using the correct blockNumber values for the chainId that you set.

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