Testing Your Integration

How to make sure your application works with Axiom

Testing on Goerli testnet

We have deployed mock versions of AxiomV1 and AxiomV1Query on Goerli testnet. These contracts AxiomV1Mock and AxiomV1QueryMock have the same interface as AxiomV1 and AxiomV1Query on mainnet, but do not verify ZK proofs for updates or query fulfillment. This allows developers to try mock queries on Goerli testnet without unnecessary proving costs.

Queries sent to AxiomV1QueryMock on Goerli will be fulfilled with mock results. Find our mock contracts here:

Mock ContractAddress (Goerli testnet)

AxiomV1Mock (impl)

AxiomV1Mock (proxy)

AxiomV1QueryMock (impl)

AxiomV1QueryMock (proxy)

Submit transactions to the proxy contracts. You can check the source code on Etherscan using the impl contracts.

Testing on Mainnet forks

To test on mainnet forks, we recommend you deploy local versions of AxiomV1Mock and AxiomV1QueryMock to allow easy mocking of updates and proof data.

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