Getting Started

Develop an application with Axiom and learn more about how Axiom works.

Building with Axiom

Check out our developer guide to get started building with Axiom. Walk through the process of making your first query, monitoring its status, and using the ZK-verified result on-chain in your application. If you want to run a test query as quickly as possible, check out our starter repo at axiom-quickstart.

pageAxiom for Developers

Protocol Design

Learn more about the smart contracts and ZK circuits which power Axiom. Read about the high-level design and its implementation in Solidity and ZK circuit code.

pageArchitecture Overview

Transparency and Security

Trust but verify. Find information about our ZK circuit code, trusted setup, and smart contracts and corresponding audits, bug bounties, and secure disclosure addresses.

pageKZG Trusted Setup

Community and Ecosystem

To discuss technical aspects of Axiom, join other developers on Telegram. You can get feedback on your ideas or help with any integration difficulties. If you have a particular application in mind, fill out our Early Partner Program form. Follow our Twitter for project updates and news!

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